I am a Brisbane based web designer/developer, project manager, graphic artist, photographer, entrepreneur and occasional philosopher.

As a professional involved in everything web related, I am passionate about making the web more accessible and further developing its potential for knowledge sharing.

My interest in design started at a young age, when I first picked up a camera, a paintbrush and a sketch pad. I began designing web pages in 1998, with web development soon to follow.

Asked to describe myself I’d say that I am a creative thinker who appreciates a job well done. As an intrepid explorer I thrive in challenging environments where lateral thinking and problem solving skills are appreciated and a willingness to learn is a requirement.

Alongside my computer related interests I have a voracious appetite for music, books, languages, travel & cultures, vegetarian delicacies, bush walking & soft style martial arts.

Hire Me

I’m momentarily unavailable for contract work, as I am currently engaged as full time consultant for the Queensland Government. For future projects, please contact me if you have something coming up that you’d like me to work on. Please note that ScreenSaviour is my business entity.

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About This Website

This website was set up as a personal online playground for writing about design & web related matters, and is currently entirely powered by the marvelous wordpress.

I did not choose the name Icicity for it’s meaning — I merely liked the sound of it. If you insist on meaning, you could break it down to:
Ici (French for “here”) & city

So we end up with “here, in the city.” Having lived in various cities the world over for most of my life I guess it could be considered relevant to some degree.