Over the past fifteen years I have worked on a great number of websites. This page highlights a few of the more recent projects I have worked on.

ScreenSaviour Design Solutions

My business, ScreenSaviour Design Solutions, has seen a lot of development over the past few years. It now includes a custom built billing/invoicing and CRM application as well as a homegrown XML/MySQL based CMS. The CMS allows rapid deployment of smaller websites for clients who don't need a full blown CMS such as Drupal or Typo3.

ScreenSaviour In Detail


The CMS allows authorised clients to update their sites from the same secure database. This data is then either retrieved directly through its central processing script, or indirectly by means of remote procedure calls.

An important tool in ScreenSaviour's toolbox is a form building gizmo that allows rapid deployment of multipage CSS based forms and client/server side validation of user input. This tool is due to be released as Open Source software later this year.

And last but not least, ScreenSaviour now runs a templating system that makes it a snap to keep track of available templates and facilitates selection of templates for a particular job.

Queensland Government

Trade and Investment Queensland


In August 2010 I was contracted to Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) to maintain and develop their OpenText/RedDot and WordPress based websites.

Trade and Investment In Detail


Main duties performed:

  • assist with project management and delivery of online communication strategies
  • guide the preparation of online content for both local and international audiences with due consideration to site architecture and usability
  • improve user interfaces of existing sites using HTML, CSS and jQuery
  • act as system administrator for OpenText/RedDot and WordPress content management systems
  • build and maintain effective work relationships with internal and external clients
  • liaise and consult with other agencies regarding online activities

Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM)


As a contractor for the department I have helped design, code and implement various websites. Great care has been taken to ensure the websites are user friendly and comply with both WCAG and IS26 standards.

I have built a number of applications for DERM. These include a Carbon Calculator (for public use) and an Image Library (used on their intranet). These applications were built with PHP/PERL/MySQL/jQuery.

DERM Image Library In Detail


The department was in need of a web based image library system that would standardise and facilitate the ongoing importation of large numbers of images (upwards of 100,000 images). Previously DERM photographers had to manually insert keywords and other meta data twice--once in the software they were using, and once in the web based library system. As an enthusiastic photographer myself, I knew there were better ways to do this. On my recommendation they changed their workflow and started using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. This in turn allowed me to build a system around that software package that would read the meta data directly from the image files.

The new standardised workflow built around the application has all but eliminated the chance of errors creeping into the system, saves the photographers a lot of time, and last but not least, the department a lot of money.

On the front end, users of the system can easily browse, select and request images for publication. After logging into their intranet account, they simply select the image(s) they wish to use, fill in a short publication request form and forward the request to the Photographic Services Team. Employee details are automatically attached to the request by issuing a LDAP query to the department's directory services.

The image library has been built with PHP/MySQL/PERL/LDAP/Ajax/jQuery to run on Windows/OS X/Solaris Apache configurations.

DERM has now been split up into the following departments:

  • Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing
  • Department of Environment and Heritage Protection
  • Department of Natural Resources and Mines

Community Door (QCOSS & Queensland Government)


Early 2008 I was contracted by the Department of Communities to help prepare the Community Door project for an extensive tender process. The project supports Non Governmental Organisations throughout Queensland by functioning as an information hub. Online resources addressing issues such as funding, statutory reporting obligations and management have made it easier for Queenslands' NGOs to comply with their legal obligations and helps them run their organisation more efficiently.

The website has since been outsourced to QCOSS and continues to be primarily funded by the Department of Communities.

Community Door In Detail

  • Supervise/coordinate the development, testing and migration of new applications published on the Community Door website;
  • Provide UI design specifications and designs for these applications
  • Ensure information published on the website conforms to Queensland Government web publishing policy and standards (including WCAG);
  • Negotiate and liaise in relation to specific aspects of the project with key stakeholders, including TAFE, WebCentral, other government departments and significant Non Government Organisations
  • Provide high level technical advice and guidance on web-based project activities to assist internal and external clients to document business requirements for website and applications; and
  • Apply knowledge of project management methodologies, website development life cycle, quality management processes and departmental standards in order to develop innovative and appropriate web related solutions
  • Provide technical advise for inclusion in tender documentation
  • Undertake website management activities, including:
    • Development of technical solutions to enhance website delivery using Photoshop, Illustrator, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, PHP;
    • Supervising of the restructuring of the site's Information Architecture
    • Developing and maintaining quality controls for the effective management of the Community Door website.



The website for my Brisbane based photography business. This showcase of my photographic explorations runs a custom script that, like the DERM script, populates its database with existing Lightroom data to make the importation process quick and efficient.

Plus-Admin & Wig-Admin


Sellers of administrative software that facilitates handling school records. I designed, coded and branded the website. An emphasis was put on the benefits of their software. The site needed to be able to display large screenshots.